Unhappy with team name challenge


Does anyone think that when the Washington Redskin franchise chose their logo and team name that this was done with some sort of malice in mind? In the context of the period, this logo and team name were chosen because native indians were independent ferocious warriors who would fight to the very end. In the day, the colloquial term "Redskins" was common and everyone knew what was meant in the context of sports. Are all those fans who proudly wear their war bonnets and paint on game day actually poking fun at American native indians? I certainly think not. Suddenly, in the frenzy of political correctness, we are now edging towards, in some peoples minds, a hate crime. The involvement of the Senate majority and now the Patent Board shows the level we have sunk to. This issue needs to be decided in the courts and not by pandering politicians.

Some would say we must move on and be more progressive. I say we are moving backwards. Once you go down the slippery path of first acknowledging and then railing against those you think are wrongly defining you, this then starts to erode your own efforts in self-determination. You then start to loose that gift we all start out with, self-respect.

Steve Westhoff


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