Blames voters for administration


"The dog ate my homework!"

I think every student has at least once considered using this excuse.

I actually tried to blame my little brother once, but was found out to be lying anyway.

If anyone ever wondered how this administration and its minions viewed the American electorate at the beginning of President Obama's term of office, I submit that even the most ardent supporter of this crew should be taken aback by what I believe to be their lack of respect at this late date. If you can't admit it (at least to yourself) by now, after multiple bald-faced lies, then you probably will never will. Denial is a fault not shared by the animal world but is rampant in humanity.

It has also been my bitter experience to find most self-described "intellectuals" have exactly the same disdain for folks with differing views than their own.

I don't blame the president.

I don't blame the attorney general for lack of action.

I do blame the voters for being suckers.

Like the saying goes: If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it probably is a social justice, anti-colonialism, progressive socialist "reformer" who ardently believes the ends justify the means.

What in the wide, wide world of sports did you think you were getting?

Twice none the less!


We don't need no stinking truth!

Konrad Lau


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