Recipe Exchange: Smoked-salmon appetizer rolls a tasty, beautiful treat


Elisabeth Marshall of Lummi Island shares her recipe for this radicchio-wrapped smoked-salmon appetizer rolls, just in time for July 4 patio parties.

This dish is special to her because it's unusual, delicious and beautiful.

Wrapping and tying rolls is the hardest part of making the rolls and Marshall recommends using tender radicchio leaves and briefly soften scallion or chive ties in hot water.

"The smoked-salmon filling should be gently piquant with lemon juice and have enough mayo to hold together well. The smoked salmon should be well-flaked, not in big chunks," Marshall says, adding that she likes to garnish with a nasturtium flower and leaf.


Smoked salmon

Lemon juice


Scallions, minced

Minced fresh dill to taste


Scallion or chive strands


Mix smoked salmon with minced scallions, lemon juice, dill and mayonnaise.

Choose pliant radicchio leaves; cut away ribs, leaving leaves intact if possible.

Place about a tablespoon of salmon filling on leaf and roll tucking in sides, neatly.

Tie rolls closed with a strand of softened scallion or chive.


Depends on quantities of ingredients used.


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