Reminds drivers to slow by lake


As the weather begins to warm up, the foot traffic around Whatcom Falls and Lake Whatcom also increases. And now that school has come to an end, more kids are out and about around these areas as well. Although there are plenty of crosswalks, the speed on Electric Avenue still remains a shockingly high, I believe, 35 miles per hour. Within the last week, I, myself, have experienced and personally witnessed other pedestrians almost being mowed over while crossing the crosswalk from Whatcom Falls trail leading to the lake by cars going too fast and drivers not paying attention. I'd like to remind the community that this area is a recreational zone and to please be more aware of people crossing crosswalks, yes those white stripes stretching across both lanes. Not to mention the plethora of kids, who gather on the bridge in Bloedel Donovan Park to jump off into the cool waters below. What a tragedy it would be for it to take someone to get hit in order for the community to slow down and open their eyes when driving through the area. Learning the hard way is not an option. Please just slow down and use caution. Let's make this a safe place for kids, adults, and dogs to walk.

Cherie Stabel


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