Backs Fleetwood for state Senate


I value a strong economy and the good jobs that go along with it. It was disturbing to hear how quickly and drastically Skagit's economy was affected by the I-5 bridge collapse last year. Nearby businesses were hurt by decreasing sales of 40 percent to 80 percent. Investing in infrastructure seems pricey. But if we do nothing, such as Doug Ericksen's decision not to support the transportation package, the cost will be even higher. I believe not passing the transportation package is a threat to our communities.

Lost sales lead to job losses, translating into lower incomes for the average American. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, not protecting our transportation investments will cost our economy an average of $28,000 per household by 2020.

Smart investments in our state's infrastructure will create jobs, grow the economy and help businesses and communities thrive. Our state representatives are responsible for advancing our values. I believe Seth Fleetwood values investing in our communities. In his 12 years on the city and county councils, Seth has a record for being fiscally responsible, hardworking, a coalition builder and willing to work for the public good rather than big business. We need leaders like Seth who will invest in our communities to keep them strong!

Nancy Orlowski


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