Backs quality of care at VA


It took me a while to get enrolled in the VA but the wait was really worth it. In all the years I've gone there, the entire staff has been courteous, caring and very professional. There's a small co-pay for services and medications and no charge if you can't afford it. Happily, I don't ever again have to deal with predatory, plundering, claims-denying insurance companies.

Government-bashing right wing Republicans (most never in uniform) are screaming to privatize the VA. They need to put aside what I believe to be their phony concern and read the professional literature on health care quality which consistently documents the efficiency and effectiveness of the VA.

Studies from the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, the Rand Corporation and the Congressional Budget Office show that in spite of a patient population that tends to be older, sicker and poorer than average, the VA delivers "significantly better care" than for-profit providers, and does it at a fraction of the private-market cost.

The high quality and cost effectiveness of the VA's socialized medicine exposes the outrageous lie that our nation's bloated profit-based, private health care system is the best available.

The VA's problem is one of capacity, not quality. Veterans and veteran's groups overwhelmingly oppose privatizing the VA. Every American deserves high quality, low-cost care like I've enjoyed with the VA.

Jack Miller


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