Finds government hostile, indifferent


Iraq is being overrun by forces hostile to the U.S. Afghanistan has just received five of the most hostile commanders ever captured by our military forces, and I believe will fall to Taliban and Al Qaeda forces shortly.

Countless families have discovered that their deductibles under the Obama-Democratic health care plan have risen ruinously, to levels far beyond their previous insurance. Costs for what I believe to be this Democratic fiasco have sky-rocketed. Students graduating from college have a virtually impossible time gaining meaningful employment, and purchasing a house is a faraway dream. The young ones living at home is not what most parents expected when they sent them to college.

An indifferent and hostile government greets us at every turn. Yes, indeed, the last six years have been a lesson. When you have a chance to vote this November, keep in mind that individual liberty requires individual responsibility. You can't be a "happy drone" living off the largess of your fellow citizens and remain free, either as an individual or a nation. When happy drones believe there are no consequences to unearned handouts, they first enslave their own soul, then the nation that they drain.

Mark Nelson


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