Disagrees with restaurant backer


I believe there's so much wrong with Sara Southerland's sermon on sustainability from June 10, it's hard to pick a place to begin and end. It's probably best to boil it way down: the planet is not sustained by eating in restaurants.

"The sustainability movement" (I count myself a member) has at least two fundamental troubles. One is its assumption that dollars spent wisely will save the world. The data, however, are clearly to the contrary: we cannot buy our way out of the mess we've made of Earth. The other is its apparently constant state of surprise and/or outrage that capitalism -- terribly sad but nonetheless true -- works.

Ms. Southerland commanded me to consider how much money I spend on alcohol (lots), and how much I spend eating in restaurants (I more or less never do). In turn, I suggest she pour herself a drink and read "Das Kapital." Then, seeing it makes sense that no end of persons in Manhattan, Hollywood and similar places have convinced themselves that spendy restaurants will set everything right, Ms. Southerland could set up shop somewhere else. Such is my Whatcom view.

Paul Klein


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