Wants better control of guns, ammo


In the wake of the umpteen last shootings, people continue to ask the shooters' motivation. Who cares? What difference does it make? As long as virtually anything dimly resembling a member of the human species is able to get as many guns/as much ammo as often as they want, then motivations are irrelevant. There will always be, in the shooters' minds, a motivation. Knowing their "motivations" does not make the undead living or restore the wounded to health or erase the shock and pain of the incident. Even discounting "motivations" and assuming that some shooters may be mentally ill, no matter how much we do to help the mentally ill, as long as they can get as many guns/as much ammo as they want as often as they want, they are accidents waiting to happen. No mental health care system, even a good mental health care system, can prevent people from falling through the cracks or detect and diagnose every potentially mentally ill person who might be prone to gun usage -- let alone those who just like to shoot things. The only thing that has a prayer of succeeding is to make guns and ammunition less accessible, by requiring name checks, secure storage and a host of other preventative measures. The alternative is the continued, senseless slaughter of innocent people, brought to you courtesy of those who think their right to pop off a shotgun trumps your right to live.

Laura Livingston


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