Concerned about high-priced rentals


Housing seems to be a big dilemma for moderate- to low-income people. What a shame- - for all people housing is a necessity! Not a luxury! Yes there are homeless people who choose to be just that. But for others becoming homeless is a scary thought, especially with children. Rent is so high most people with a low to moderate income can't rent anymore. Most property owners and management companies want not only the rent there is -- the rent, last month, all deposits, if pets are allowed deposits for them also, income of 2-3 times the amount of rent, credit and background check fees. So if you have all this -- why rent you would buy a house? Agencies won't help if you have some kind of income no matter how small it is, you need to have no income, evictions, be homeless. So I ask what will happen to the most of us. Might as well gas us all! After I keep looking and following up on ideas, posting ads on craigslist etc. I get very depressed over this. Each day you hope something or someone will give you the break you need, just some help until one can totally get back on their feet and earn a fair income to support them. I am not lazy! Sometimes circumstances happen to us!

Lori Jackson


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