Unhappy with Ferndale school board action


Wow - finally - a serious response to the attempted censorship of Ferndale School Board member Hugh Foulke. Thank-you Clayton Petree (Whatcom View, June 11) for a brilliant column. I can only hope our school district's administration and the other school board members read your piece. This "school-marmish scolding" happened months ago, as did a school board meeting where the bullies got an earful from community members about their "condescending, vindictive, angry, and petty actions."

This was just brushed off - business as usual. Unfortunately, the mind-set that led to it is still there - because this community has not received a public apology or an indication that the wasting of our school dollars in wages, time, and effort for such "childish" behavior was wrong. Maybe Mr. Petree's opinion will help. This incident was not just between Mr. Foulke, the administration, and the other school board members. This involves all citizens who vote for someone to represent them. It should not be swept under the rug and forgotten. Thank you, Mr. Petree, for reminding us.

Joey McAlpine


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