Residents near Concrete advised to boil water

June 19, 2014 

Residents in the area near Concrete are being advised to boil their water because it may contain E. coli. This does not affect people who get their water from the town of Concrete.

Here is a press release from the Washington State Department of Health on the problem: The Cape Horn Maintenance Company advises residents to boil their tap water because tests showed potentially harmful E. coli bacteria in the water. The company, which provides water service to the area, issued an advisory to its customers today.

The advisory affects about 700 people in the residential and recreational community, which is on the Skagit River a few miles southwest of Concrete. This advisory does not apply to customers who get their water from the Town of Concrete.

The bacteria were detected during a routine water quality monitoring test. The water system operator is collecting more water quality samples today. Chlorine disinfectant will be added to the water system, which will be inspected in an effort to find the source of the contamination.

To kill the bacteria, the state Department of Health recommends that residents heat tap water to a brisk boil for one minute and allow the water to cool before using. This applies to any tap water used for drinking, brushing teeth, preparing food, making ice, or washing dishes. State health officials are working closely with the water system manager and will inspect the system if follow-up water quality test results confirm the contamination.

The advisory will remain in effect until the state health department and the Cape Horn Maintenance Company are satisfied that the water is safe to drink. Cape Horn Water customers who have questions about their water can call 360-466-4443 or 1-800-895-8821.

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