Concerned about oil, coal shipments


I recently took a road trip on interstates 90 and 94 to Fargo, N.D.; Souix Falls, S.D., and back to Bellingham. From Kellogg, Idaho, to Fargo the train tracks were full of either oil tankers or coal cars as far as you could see. I can't see why our government can't make them cover the coal cars. The gravel along the tracks is black with coal dust. The people in North Dakota small towns are sick of the whole thing, the business owners are loving it, prices of everything has tripled. I believe the townspeople who had a great way of life can't afford to live there anymore. Towns of 200 people now. The counties in west North Dakota had 71 higyway deaths last year, 36 already this year. I made my living from construction and have the oil industry to thank for a lot of it, I'm sad to see I-94 on both sides filled with oil pumps, storage tanks, dozers and back hoes. Did not see any antelope or buffalo this time.

So, Bellingham, please be careful on how we allow this mess in our town. The faces at Mount Rushmore are magnificent as ever, every patriotic American should see them at least once.

Harold Hurlbert


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