Happy to see limits on carbon


Terrific! Exciting! Great!...are words that express my feelings at the lowering of carbon emissions for coal power plants throughout the country that President Obama ordered this past Monday.

This is a start toward working on global warming, the cause of the climate chaos the world is presently faced with. Carbon, or CO2, pollution of the atmosphere is the main contributor to climate disruption -- the extensive super-storms, floods, record droughts, wildfires, and so on, the world's experienced the last several years -- which in turn threatens our health, our families, our communities and our very existence down the road.

Coal power plants are the biggest sources of carbon pollution in the country -- more even than auto exhaust -- and until Obama's mandate, were allowed to dump totally unlimited amounts of carbon into the air, the air that you and I and all living animals have to breathe.

Most folks here in Washington aren't even aware, but the source for about one-third of Puget Sound Energy's electricity is coal mines in Montana. We need to get off coal and even natural gas (another fossil fuel from the dinosaur age) and get onto solar, wind, and other non-polluting alternative energy sources. All for the sake of our health, our families, our environment, the air we breathe, our world, and our continued existence.

David M. Scheer


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