Appalled at use of Hitler quotes


Reading about the graduates of Lynden High School made me angry and sad.

Three graduates decided to put quotes from Adolf Hitler, the butcher of millions of people, in their yearbook!

What made them do this? It was just for fun, they said.

What were these children, now supposedly young men, educated and responsible, taught in history class?

If they were told about everything Hitler did, and all that happened during this terrible war, this is incomprehensible!

I was a child in Holland during WWII.

I saw our house burned during the first five days of fighting, lost one beloved brother, saw another brother come home from slave labor deadly ill.

We had to flee the bombings several times, I lost two small friends during a bombing, and endured five days of fighting and slaughter during the liberation. Living in Holland, we did not have to endure the worst of it!

The principal of Lynden high says there will be no punishment.

They should at least have to sit through a lecture on WWII, since their education is sorely missing any touch of reality!

Martina E. Elenbaas


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