Tired of apologizing for home renovations


This letter is for the gentleman who "recently moved back north." The house must seem like an oddity to you, worthy of completion. Believe me Mr. Rojszas neighbors all wish (fervently) that he would complete it.

I moved next door to him 101/2 years ago. At the time the house was an old farm house that was under renovation. I was excited to see what the owners would do. I am still waiting. The history of this renovation is too convoluted to go into. However, I believe Mr. Rojszas has done everything in his power to make things worse.

I believe he has flouted the law many times. When pressure came down on him to finish he would do some small thing. He has several times improved the landscape to then let it go back into weeds and junk. There seems to be no end.

Mr. Rojszas has repeated played upon our sympathies saying he is a poor immigrant who doesn't speak English well, who says his property rights are being infringed and so on and on and on. I believe the reality is that he is a very smart person who thinks he can get away with just about anything.

The city of Ferndale has not helped the situation by displaying ineptitude again and again in court and in their dealings with him.

I love living in Ferndale, it is really a great little city. I just wish I could be proud of it. I am very tired of apologizing for that house.

Nina Cox


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