Video: Shoplifter sprays insecticide in face of Bellingham Walmart manager


BELLINGHAM - A woman was arrested after allegedly spraying a Walmart manager in the eyes with bug spray when he tried to stop her from leaving with a cart full of items she didn't pay for.

Police have released a video from a security camera that shows the manager being sprayed about 12:30 a.m., April 10, and a woman running away from the parking lot, leaving a cart of groceries behind.

It's the third time Jennifer Lynn Sobjack, 26, of the Paradise area, has been charged with stealing from the Meridian Street Walmart this year.

According to court documents, in this case Sobjack filled her shopping cart with clothes and household items. An employee stopped her before she left and asked to see the receipt for the items. She told the worker she was going to the bathroom and planned to go back and pay for the items.

The employee saw her leave with the cart and told the manager, who went outside and asked to see a receipt.

Sobjack tried to walk away with the cart, but the manager grabbed it, according to court records. She pulled a can of bug spray from the cart, sprayed him in the face and ran off without the cart.

She was charged with first-degree burglary and third-degree retail theft.

Sobjack has been arrested on suspicion of stealing four other times this year - twice at the same Walmart, once at Kohl's on March 23 and once at Target on April 27.

She'd been banned from Walmart after her first arrest Feb. 3. Her second Walmart arrest was March 31, when she allegedly set the alarm off by trying to leave through the fire door exit with her cart.


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