Suggests banning most gun ownership


As America searches for a way to stem the epidemic of gun violence, those on the right advocate for increased mental health treatment instead of limitations on access to firearms. In fact, many are opposed to even the most modest regulations (such as background checks and limited capacity magazines).

Unfortunately, I believe this approach appears to be nothing more than a ruse, in that those on the right have also consistently opposed the expansion of social programs (such as mental health services), and are still vowing to overturn the Affordable Care Act (which covers such services).

Furthermore, gun advocates have even pushed legislation prohibiting the collection of data concerning gun violence statistics by organizations such as the CDC. What is they don't want us to know?

In this equation there are two variables: Mental illness and guns. Mental illness can be treated, but it can never be regulated, much less predicted and eradicated. Guns can be.

My solution? Ban all guns (with tightly regulated exceptions for legitimate hunters and target shooters).

Yes, it would take a while to flush the stockpiled arsenals out of the system, but it could happen.

And when it does, we'll all be a little safer, and a lot more free.

Douglas Ogg


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