Thankful for environmental innovations


I believe the June 6th political cartoon has to be one of the most pessimistic, defeatist Tea Party ideology and ignorant cartoons I have ever seen. This country has always lead the way with innovation, technology and science, how sad we have forgotten our accomplishments of the past. Some of us can remember the days when the air tasted and smelled bad. The Los Angeles basin was so smoggy you couldn't see the mountains let alone a quarter of a mile, so what happened - we regulated emissions, the doomsayers said it would cost jobs and couldn't be done. California lead the way, today the mountains are visible and the number of smog days are few. Then the government mandated reduced emissions nationwide -- once again the naysayers said it couldn't be done and the automobile industry would be destroyed. So now we are driving cars that get three or more times the mileage of those days plus our air is even cleaner and the automobile industry is robust.

Quit whining, get to work on emissions, innovate, lead the technology revolution, license the process, create jobs and profits and then perhaps we and the rest of our planet can slow down or even improve on the coming climate changes. We need to remember that this planet is the place where we live - future generations will be thankful.

Tom Moses


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