Concerned about GMO foods


I was chagrined to read the recent "Northwest View" on labeling genetically modified foods, and while I don't have great objections to labeling GMOs on the sides of packages, I do have objections to spreading disinformation. Where is the "immense body of research" that demonstrates the GMO foods are safe? In fact, I believe there is a growing body of research that shows subtle differences in Roundup ready crops grown commonly in the U.S. that chelate minerals in the human body leading to deficiencies that in turn lead to other health problems.

Bt Corn is a genetically modifited organism that has been engineered to be part corn, part Bt bacteria. The old way of plant breeding was limited by nature. Now we can take part of one plant, animal, virus or bacteria and transfer it into another organism. In the case of Bt corn, we've taken the poison meant for caterpillars and inserted it directly into the corn we eat. It cannot be washed off. This is hardly "essentially the same" as natural corn. It ends up in our guts, I believe poisoning the beneficial bacteria that we depend on for good health. In addition, it has also been found to be nutritionally inferior to natural corn.

The FDA has simply declared that GMO foods are essentially the same as their natural counterparts, but without extensive testing we don't really know. Otherwise we are exposing ourselves and our food animals to an unscientific experiment.

Laurita Whitford


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