Unhappy with GOP comments


The Bergdal story is just one more example of the kind of what I believe to be knee-jerk, non-sensical, often bald-faced lies the GOP tells about everything they disagree with. It is no longer enough to stand by facts and one's opinion. Under the new so-called conservative modus operandi, every opinion must be backed by a slew of distortions to outright lies.

Every day, in The Bellingham Herald comments on their stories and editorials, we are regaled by what should be embarrassingly asinine statements made by a handful of the new trolls who rule the site. It is only possible for me to accept what a modern-day conservative says if one is totally delusional or woefully uneducated, and that is a sad fact of our modern political discourse. I believe one party works to better the condition of citizens, the other works to keep their supporters ignorant and clueless.

Michael Waite

Sedro Woolley

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