Backs Rojszas in building dispute


I am writing in response to "Homeowner on notice." I recently moved back north to be close to Bellingham; not just for its pristine waterfront, snow-capped Baker, craft beer and experimental food, but for the acceptance and open-mindedness. Perhaps, that''s just the WWU oasis?

Moving to Ferndale, I was immediately curious about "Artur Court". I'm an archaeologist, with training in historic building inventory, and while I don't know the exact building the Rojsza's have modeled their home after, it doesn't take a genius to Google search "Artur Court Poland," and realize that whatever it's based on, what it could be is beautiful. And creative. And an expression of cultural heritage and sense of freedom to express it in a country founded on ... being free.

If the "five instances of 'unhealthy or unsightly' materials" include "a baby carriage and the top half of a mannequin" I'm more curious than concerned! Officials need to relax. Chill! Chive on! Honestly, it's not an eyesore if you're inquisitive. It's not dangerous unless you're foolish and trespass. If the city was going to do something about it, that time passed with the years. What should happen now is that the Rojsza's should receive their permits. The building should be completed. What should not be done, is to suppress the creativity and rights of an innocent family. I say, rise up Rojsza! I support you.

Ian Lewis


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