Pipe bomb found outside Child Protective Services in Bellingham


BELLINGHAM - Bellingham police detonated a homemade pipe bomb Tuesday evening, June 10, in the parking lot of a Child Protective Services building on Ellis Street.

A father and son, Curtis Anthony Mahle, 50, and Anthony Curtis Mahle, 26, found the bomb next to a tree in a narrow strip of lawn in the CPS parking lot, about 30 yards from the building at 1720 Ellis.

The metallic pipe had threading for screw caps on both ends. A cap had been screwed onto one side and electrical tape covered the other end. It was about 2 inches by 8 inches and bound in electrical tape. A child's shoestring had been tied like a lasso around the middle of the pipe, the Mahles said, so it could be carried or thrown easier.

The elder Mahle tried to unwrap the tape to empty the pipe.

"Which was a horrible idea," his son said.

They stopped, reconsidered and went inside to tell CPS about the threat. Then a woman came out from the office and, thinking it was a toy, kicked the pipe, the two men said. It didn't blow up.

Bellingham police called in a bomb squad robot and detonated the explosive. A police dog sniffed through the parking lot but found no other bombs.

Police had no suspects and no motive Tuesday, said Bellingham Police Lt. Bob Vander Yacht.

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