Recipe Exchange: Pickled blueberries spice up grilled salmon


Recipe Exchange: Salmon with blueberries

Bow Hill's pickled heirloom blueberries served over creme fraiche on a Copper River sockeye fillet.


Susan Soltes of Bow shares her recipe for salmon with creme fraiche and pickled blueberries. She says her love of cooking really took off after she and her husband Harley purchased the old Anderson blueberry farm.

"Before we had the blueberry farm, we had a trailer on another farm. We would come up on weekends and I would entertain myself by 'hunting and gathering' ingredients from the Skagit Valley farm stands and local businesses. Then I'd return and we'd make dinner from what I had gathered. Often I'd get to visit with the farmers along the way," she says.

"Once we bought the farm I had the opportunity to share that concept by developing recipes that included what the neighbors grew or made and a map called The Bow-Edison Food Trail. Each recipe includes a map. The recipes are greeting cards hand-painted by our former intern, Mandy Jene Turner, who now is a permanent resident of Edison and works at Tweets. The salmon recipe has a salmon on it with blueberry bubbles coming from his mouth. You can see it at

"People are often frightened by pickled blueberries. They think 'ewwww,' until they try it," she says, adding, "don't tell your guest what the you are making until it's served! their delight as they try something new.

"Perfecting the pickled blueberry took a lot of trial and error. Pickling fruit can be tricky. We eventually discovered that our heirloom blueberry variety had a great flavor that wasn't overpowered by the spice combination we wanted and retained crispness."


4 salmon fillets

4 thin slices of purple onion cut in quarters

4 heaping tablespoons of creme fraishe

4 tablespoons Bow Hill pickled blueberries


Brine the purple onion for about 30 minutes in the blueberry liquid.

Grill salmon to medium rare with just a brush of oil, salt and pepper on a hot grill or the oven. Allow the outside of the salmon to caramelize for a bit of sweetness and crunch.

Once salmon is done, allow it to cool for about 10 minutes.

Top with creme fraiche, sliced purple onion and a tablespoon of pickled blueberries.




Bow Hill pickled blueberries are available at the Bellingham Farmers Market and at the farm store in Bow, 15628 Bow Hill Road, Bow. Call 360-399-1006 for information. For more on the food trail online, go to

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