Suggests road work to aid bicyclists


Don't you just hate those darn bicycles slowing you down on the road? Well, some hate them, some tolerate them and some appreciate them.

I am a bicycle commuter, have been for over 15 years on the roads of Whatcom County. My bike is my way to get to my job five days a week year round; darkness, rain, wind and great summer days. I love it when my commute allows me to ride in a bike lane or on a less busy side street; but for two miles I have to share the road with the above-mentioned three groups of drivers. This is Marine Drive from the Fort Bellingham Neighborhood to near Locust Street (including the notorious railroad bridge). To those who tolerate me and pass me with three or more feet I sincerely thank you. For those of you who find it necessary to pass me so close that your mirrors almost touch my arm, or to blow your horn, shout obscenities and give your opinion of bikes on the road, I say it's getting old; very. very old.

Suggestion: Work with me, contact the county government, tell them how unsafe it is. Most of that area could easily accommodate a bike lane. As for the bridge, I doubt the money will ever be available to fix that, so instead the county could work with the railroad to provide an at-grade crossing for bikes and pedestrians at the ends of Old Marine Drive. If you and I can work together to get this done then I will gladly "get the heck out of your way!"

Gary Malick


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