Car crashes into Fountain Bistro in Bellingham


BELLINGHAM - The Fountain Bistro was open Monday, June 9, despite ongoing repairs after a car crashed into the building Sunday night, destroying a window and water fountain.

Blair Alan Hewitt, 37, totaled his 2003 BMW after driving through lattice and hitting the fountain and window at 1910 Broadway around 10:30 p.m., said Michelle Gailey, the bistro's general manager and executive chef.

He told employees he fell asleep at the wheel but told Gailey's boyfriend he crashed when he was looking down at his GPS device. He wasn't injured.

Hewitt was cited for second-degree negligent driving, Bellingham Police Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said.

Hewitt, who owns Blair's iPod Repair, was arrested on suspicion of trading cocaine for Apple products at his shop in December 2013.

He was not tested after the crash for driving under the influence because officers had no reason to believe there were drugs or alcohol involved, Vander Yacht said.

The bistro is open during construction that will be taking place the next few days.

The bistro's Facebook page took a humorous approach to the unplanned addition of a second drive-thru window: "Show us some support by giving us a honk as you drive by (not into, please) today," its post read.

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