Concerned about dangerous drinking


I'm from New York State where we had a law that allows for a bartender who serves an obviously intoxicated individual drinks to be charged with a crime if that intoxicated individual then breaks the law.

I don't know how well trained bartenders are in this state but I feel that if a bartender sees a person whose blood alcohol level is almost three times the legal limit acting in a non-normal manner that bartender should be smart enough to stop serving that individual any more drinks. Apparently a person who drove a truck and killed a man while intoxicated didn't appear drunk in the bar or the bartended simply didn't notice. Maybe bartenders can't count the number of drinks served to an individual and if they can't, how do they know how much to charge that customer?

Why can't we have a law similar to the one in New York?

Also isn't it rather foolish that The Herald should run a front page story about a bartender who makes special drinks? Couldn't The Herald stop publicizing drinking? Couldn't this type of story influence, in the wrong way, underage drinkers?

Dr. Robert C. Knodt


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