Rant: Keep dogs out of shopping carts


Just home from shopping. As always, I mentally thank our stores for supplying the sanitizing towelettes to wipe off my cart handle before I head out on my mission. As I stroll down the aisles, more often than not, I observe dogs being taken for a ride in the "basket" portion of the cart. These are not service dogs, which I certainly do not take offense to, but someone's pet. So now I'm thinking, "What good does it really do me to have a sanitary cart handle when everything I put in the basket is probably pretty contaminated." These things being my purse, outerware if store is warm, and smaller store purchases, be it food, clothing, whatever. Store bathrooms even have covers to keep our hineys sanitary and receptacles by the door so we can throw away the towel we use to open the door, keeping our freshly sanitized hands clean. As for dogs riding in my grocery cart, euwww!

- Sally Stone of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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