Rant: Bellingham residents should dispose of dog waste


Bellinhghamsters are outdoorsy, nature and animal loving like few other places in the U.S. Of course, when you go out for a walk or a hike your dog should be part of your experience. I have been very impressed by the accuracy of people cleaning up after their dogs. However, it disturbs me, that every time I go for a run in the Chuckanuts I see 5-10 with dog pooh-filled bags along the way. This leads to the assumption that some people take the effort to pick dog waste up, but do not have the chance to dispose it accurately. Thus I question the sense of cleaning it up, as a plastic bag is much harder to compost additionally. I also agree that there are very few opportunities to dispose the dog waste accurately, thus more garbage cans should be installed in the surrounding parking lots to give people the opportunity to dispose things accurately, because everybody wants to enjoy a wonderful run or hike through the nature every day and every time.

- Amelie Zobl of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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