Finds health care process not working


My wife and I were overjoyed when we could both sign up for coverage through the Washington Health Plan Finder. Since she has severe asthma, we had traditionally been limited to coverage through work or the state high-risk pool. She quit her job for another without insurance, and we both enrolled. Coverage began in March, 2014, but unfortunately, insurance doesn't pay out unless you have an actual insurance card, which still hasn't happened for her. After months, Washington Health Plan Finder has still not submitted her application to Premera. I've followed up with them several times over the course of the last few months, and I have been told I would be called back by two employees (never happened), I've been told two months in a row that all I needed to do to fix their technical issue is to pay for the next month (didn't work), and I've been told that several "cases" have been opened to try to solve the problem. Meanwhile, we're paying our monthly premium of several hundred dollars, we have $1,500 of reimbursable expenses, and we're stuck with a tax penalty at the end of the year because, technically, Washington Health Plan Finder won' process her application, she does not have insurance. It is terrible that such an impressive piece of legislation has been mangled into nothing for us but perverse false hope by the overwhelming incompetence of those in charge.

Jason Slack


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