Says Blaine Harbor a better town name


Changing the name of Blaine to "Blaine Harbor" would do nothing to detract from or erase the history or good reputation of Blaine. The potential for continued improvement of the waterfront is unlimited, not only for visitors' enjoyment, but for residents' pride of place also.

As owners of property in beautiful Birch Day, we've often thought that having a Birch Bay address would more accurately describe that waterfront community, which has a Blaine address. If the name were changed to "Blaine Harbor" the address would more perfectly reflect the ambience of both Blaine and Birch Bay. "Blaine" sounds a little like "bland," which in no way describes the area. Just as "Gig" wouldn't be as appropriate for another waterfront town as the attractively named, "Gig Harbor," the relatively easy change from Blaine to "Blaine Harbor" would better reflect what the area is like.

Here''s hoping that Blaine residents will consider that negatives, like the cost of reprinted the name on legal documents, etc., would be outweighed by many, many potential positives.

Viva, "Blaine Harbor!"

Dorothy Case


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