Suggests options to stop drunken driving


In the recent alleged drunken driving accident in downtown Bellingham we see another incident were an alleged overly intoxicated person left a bar and caused an accident, this one was fatal. It starts to create questions about the bar's responsibility. Yes, they are just running a business and trying to make a profit, however is there a moral responsibility that needs to be more enforced or sponsored. Such as breathalyzers that allow customers to check their blood alcohol level before leaving. Many times the consumer believes that they are fine but this would be one preventative tool that could allow them to see where they are at and whether or not they should stay and drink some water for the next half hour and try again. Or even as radical as if they are above the legal limit then the bar has the right to take their keys until they are below the legal limit. It is hard because the majority of us are all sober when we have these discussions, and sober us never believes that we would be the one to drink and drive. Ideally we would always be prepared with a designated driver or an alternative, however we need to implement something to take the option of drunken driving out of people's hands.

Jason Conner


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