Wants customers to respect workers


I have noticed that more people have been treating employees incredibly discourteously just because they think they can. I have seen employees of many business treated with so much verbal abuse from customers who think they are always right and those poor employees that have to take the abuse from them. Employees are innocent people going to work to pay their bills, pay their way through school, or support their families. They go to work to do their job not to get yelled at by customers who think that they are right all the time. I grew up hearing the famous line "the customer is always right" but is that really the case? Is the customer right when they are yelling and verbally abusing innocent employees when the employee has absolutely no control over the situation? Together as a city we should respect one another especially employees and start standing up for those employees who we see getting verbally battered at by other customers. If we see someone giving an employee a hard time we should do something about it and educate that guest that we don't treat other people that way. As a society we need to start treating everyone the way we want to be treated and show/teach our younger ones that treating people with respect goes a long way and is the right way to treat people. We teach kids in school not to bully, yet customers are constantly bombarding employees about things they don't like.

Tatianna Genovesi


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