Unhappy with treatment of veterans


The Veterans Affairs scandal or, even worse, criminal liability for the officials in that agency seems to continue with more and more information each week. My suggestion, admittedly simple, is to compel all federal government employees from mid-level managers to congressmen, senators and even President Obama be required to use the V.A. facilities for their medical needs. It should be on a strict, no status or rank, be given on a first come-first serve basis or choice of doctor or hospital facilities. The improvement of that agency would be dramatic in both quality of care and efficiency in the access to treatment or tests. I admit that this suggestion is very unlikely to occur, but at least the hypocrisy from the legislators and government officials would be exposed.

I am a veteran of two wars and my brother, a doctor, advised me to never use the V.A. system if I could afford any alternate through Medicare and private insurance. I took his advice.

Norman Grossman


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