Unhappy with GMO opinion


I am writing in response to Northwest View on May 28 about GMO labeling. I am amazed that the editorial board of the News Tribune can be what I find to be, on the surface, so ill informed about the issues involving GMO labeling. The idea it is an industry "scare mongering" tactic is preposterous to me. I believe it is about a consumer's choice and right to know. Additionally the statement that GMOs have been scientifically proven to be safe completely ignores the wide ranging studies that I believe say otherwise. I believe more research is needed on the long term affects of consuming GMOs and, in the meantime, those of us who do not want to be human guinea pigs have the right to know. The solution for informed individuals who want to avoid GMOs is to buy organic produce. This is a choice I make and I don't buy any product that I suspect has GMO ingredients. I believe the scare mongering on I-522 came from the agriculture industry and the claim of cost increases to consumers. Just look at the amount of money they were happy to spend on the campaign to keep consumers in the dark. The published viewpoint leads me to believe that the editorial team have another agenda, and certain influence from the agriculture industry. The skeptic in me believes its because they spend more on advertising. In summary it reads as a poorly written piece at the bequest of the mega corps with all the money.

Lee Kirkham


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