Supports pot crop water allocation


In the beginning of July, Washington State is projected to open its first shops for legal sale of marijuana. Now that we are starting to get things together the federal government (which has all rights) said that federally regulated water is not allowed to be used on any marijuana crops. Unfortunately, the government controls two-thirds of the agricultural water in this state. It is unfortunate the federal government is more supportive of these states to see if legalizing marijuana was socially progressive but also very lucrative as another income for state projects.

In Washington state one of our most prize crops, blueberries, can only rake in $17,000 for one acre, where marijuana can bring as much as $7.4 million for one acre of crop. Obviously, marijuana is going to be a great income for Washington State but this amount of money could be an example for other states to consider legalizing marijuana.

In Colorado, as their first month of legal sales ended, they made $14 million in sales. This is a huge chunk of revenue for that state to support agriculture, education, infrastructure, etc. Marijuana growers should be appropriated water for their crops because it's worth it, and all this new income is coming right back into the state we live.

Morgan Beaumier


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