Wants Congress to support veterans


The GOP demands Veterans Affairs administrator resign, but on Feb. 24 they voted nay from 41 senators on SB1982 (all of which were GOP) that would have funded expanded and improved health care benefits for veterans of all generations. Their reason? Now is not the time in any government department to spend money we don't have. But they were willing to spend money we did not have to fund the Iraq war. Now the major senator that ran the campaign to kill this bill, a senator named Richard Burr, wants the VA administor to resign. I find him to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. Either you are for health benefits or not, you can't have it both ways. I'm a independent voter and not of either party. But I am a vet and think this is type of behavior is not in the national interest. Please e-mail your senator and congressperson that we need to fund the VA. I believe it is safe to say that the latest VA crisis and death of vets served as a convenient opportunity for the GOP to feign indignation over issues vets have faced for years. Both parties need to grow up and act like adults and get things done. Not like two-year-olds fighting over a toy.

Helen Hauck


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