Suggests remedies for in-home pollution


As we wrap up national Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, consider giving special attention to your respiratory system. Quality of life relies heavily on healthy breathing and many of us suffer from sensitivities to airborne particles that keep us from enjoying many activities.

If, like me, you've suffered from chronic runny nose or possibly asthma, sleep apnea, sinus infections, coughs or shortness of breath, it's worth looking outside your body. Do some research into home performance and the dangers of unhealthy home ventilation. You may be able to significantly alleviate symptoms with very simply.

These days, the physics of the home are well understood, as well as their effect on the body. The EPA considers indoor air quality in the top five dangers to public health and 87 percent percent of those polled by the American Lung Association didn't know that indoor air is often two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Though filters and purifiers are the common prescription for home air health, they often do little to eliminate the majority of indoor air particles. Be sure to consult a professional in home performance and your doctor if you have these concerns. Interested in a cleaner home and a healthier respiratory system? You won't know until you take the time to do the research.

I suggest visiting,, and for more information.

Thoren Rogers


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