Says capitalism is solution


I believe many of the 47 million on food stamps believe America to be capitalist and greedy and themselves victims. And, despite "stuff" other countries only dream about, many prefer an America like those other countries.

Virtually bankrupt already, America's average incomes and middle class continue to decline as corporations and factories jump to other countries. Fuel prices and the Internet, too, are huge job killers. Unions/federal diminutions of education for our kids and visas for foreign-born science and engineering graduates now have qualified industrial hires and job-creating research and development at their lowest levels in decades. Despite our cleanest atmosphere on the face of the planet, I believe our governor's fuel carbon tax and higher minimum wage will kill even more jobs.

I believe we need 24 percent corporate tax rate, pipelines, right-to-work, no illegal aliens, allocations of top teachers to our worst schools, prioritized budgets, no earmarks and Republicans! Re-shoring of 50-plus corporations and 100-plus factories not only will cut debt and unemployment but will inspire entrepreneurial re-couplings of science, engineering and driving applications, state-wide free markets, healthcare, welfare, education, water pollution enforcement, even school lunch programs, benefiting accordingly.

Bottom line: Capitalism's the solution, not the problem. Food stampers and the people they elect are the problem!

Terry Montonye


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