Calls for free college education


I believe student loans are a scam invented by the banking industry to make money off education, the bankers have turned our students into wage slaves, to pay off debt they are forced to accept to make a better life and learn the skills needed to improve our workforce.

As in any scam, our children have been robbed and our nation is paying the price. Our nation's disabling student loan debt is a threat to our national security, forcing generations of our children into a bleak future, a choice between a boring, low-skilled job, or crushing student loan debt. Student loan debt collectors cannot be halted if the student has a low-paying job or is bankrupt. I believe they are ruthless, miss a payment or two and they take the student to court, bank accounts are locked, credit ruined, wage garnishment and home purchase is out of reach.

Our nation's method of financing our higher education is ruining the skill level of our citizens, and forcing our employers to import skilled labor from countries with a better-educated population. We must end the bankers' control of our education system; encourage all our citizens to achieve the highest education possible without fear of being indentured to the bankers. We need to forgive all existing student loans and provide support, free tuition and books, to encourage all our citizens to increase their education and strengthen our nation.

Bob Reeves


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