Against U.S. support for Planned Parenthood


California's Health Care Exchange is paying 38 Planned Parenthood affiliates, $58 per person for enrolling people on the state exchange plus $25 per person for annual renewals.

I believe what I call the abortion industry has been finding ways to squeeze taxpayer dollars out of the American public. Planned Parenthood receives nearly half of its annual billion-dollar budget from the taxpayer. With Planned Parenthood committing 327,166 abortions and dispensing over 1.5 million "emergency contraception (morning after) kits" the taxpayer is being forced to pay Planned Parenthood to sign up future customers.

Of course, I believe this isn't the only windfall for the abortion industry because ObamaCare is loaded with subsidies and programs that benefit "big abortion".

Though not paying them in the same way as California, the federal government has partnered with numerous Planned Parenthood affiliates, NARAL, and various "reproductive health" organizations (which I believe to be a codeword for abortion) to promote pro-abortion ObamaCare throughout America.

I believe the Obama administration has been in bed with the abortion industry from the beginning with the individual mandate, the employer mandate, the HHS abortion-pill mandate, "school-based health centers," the expansion of Medicaid, federal subsidies, the abortion surcharge on insurance, and so on. Isn't it time we stop subsidizing an industry that makes its living perpetuating death?

Wayne Farber


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