Concerned about Lake Whatcom use


Lake Whatcom water issues have been an on-going subject for far too many years. There have been multiple studies, city and country council meetings, even a building moratorium for a while. With all the time and expense involved, the lake water is still in decline. Why?

Recently I picked up the current Washington State fishing regulations and was surprised to see what was on the back page. Each of you, especially city and county council members along with Bellingham officials should get a copy and see for yourselves. The entire back cover page relates to the Seattle watershed where they do not even allow you to trespass, much less build homes with lawns and shrubbery to be sprayed with chemicals.

The answer to the "why" appears to be that decisions are made under influence of the landowners and developers rather than any effort to approach the definite decline in the water quality. In other words, I feel our civic leaders are failing to be responsible and do the right thing, regardless of what the developers want.

As the cover page states, you cannot even step foot in the Seattle watersheds without potential penalty. At one time Lake Padden was treated the same. Again, why is Lake Whatcom 100 percent different?

Then, "what" happens when the lake water becomes far too contaminated? I may not be here to see that, but certainly many of you as well as future generations will be.

John D. Morgan


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