Wants streets to stay kid-friendly


I am a single mom and I have lived on Racine Street off of Alabama Street for eight years. My son has grown up with the other kids on our block. Because we live on a dead-end road our kids have enjoyed playing outside in our cul-de-sac. Most of the kids who live on our block are like us, their families are hard working and not extremely affluent. This is a low-income community, in a town where affordable housing in a safe neighborhood is increasingly hard to find. We are a community, we look out for each other, we watch out for each others' kids, we share garden starts and tips. This kind of community could only happen because of the makeup of our street. If you open east North Street our kids will no longer feel safe to play in our cul-de-sac. East North Street will divide us. The people who live on our street don't have many options, our kids can't just start going to private exercise classes. These kids get their exercise by playing outside with each other. In this neighborhood the kids do still play outside and they do it all year long.

I believe there are other options besides east North Street, and I believe that the only reason we don't have grant money for those options is because we have not asked for it yet. Please consider widening Alabama Street and adding a few roundabouts, or any of the other options that I have not thought of.

Barbara Plaskett


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