Concerned about more gun sales


According to a recent Bellingham Herald story, a Seattle attorney representing Fred Meyer is calling for an environmental impact statement for the proposed wetlands-displacing, Costco-friendly West Bakerview project. Chief among the concerns sited is the impact caused by "unreasonably increasing traffic."

Personally, the unreasonably increasing traffic I'm concerned about comes from Fred Meyer's decision to begin trafficking guns at its Bakerview store, and the impact that will have on this community.

I believe mixing guns and groceries is part of a larger agenda being embraced by a fringe element intent on flooding this state with guns. They want guns everywhere, from Starbucks to state parks, with no limits and no background checks - regarding even the most modest restrictions as unreasonable infringements on their personal rights.

Despite what they espouse, I believe more guns do not make us safer. In fact, just the opposite is true.

As for Fred Meyer's tagline of "What's on your list today?" For me, that will be shopping elsewhere - until this company begins to exercise what I believe would be better judgement and a genuine commitment to the safety and well-being of its shoppers and this community.

Douglas Ogg


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