Says name change won't help Blaine


Once again there is a push to change the name of Blaine. Many well-respected citizens honestly believe that a name change to Blaine Harbor would somehow get more people off the freeway and bring them downtown.

If this were true, Birch Bay or any place with a name ending in bay or harbor would somehow have what it takes to create business-friendly communities that attract visitors.

In New Mexico there was a city called Hot Springs and visitors in 1950 decided to change the name to Truth or Consequences. Believe it or not, 64 years later this town attracts visitors to their hot springs and they haven't changed the name back to Hot Springs, New Mexico.

A city doesn't need bay or harbor attached to its name in order to create a strong downtown. It needs great leadership, vision and the ability to follow through.

Blaine struggles in all three of these areas. The city spent $50,000 on a study in 2005 that showed the economic value of selling our airport. Another more recent $30,000 study once again showed the potential for job growth and taxes that could come from selling the property.

Instead of name changes being brought up every 15 years, we need to follow through with what has been suggested in our $80,000 studies.

Poorly designed boardwalks, turn of the century themes and name changes are not the answer to our problems.

Dennis Hill


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