Blaine Harbor a city name that would attract tourism


The Plover, a 32 foot cannery ferry built in 1944, ferries foot traffic between Blaine Harbor and Semiahmoo Spit during the summer tourist season.


I believe we can all agree on several things: We live in a scenic and beautiful area, our weather is favorable and we have a bright future.

All the folks who visit here for the first time find the area beautiful and think downtown is very charming.

I support changing Blaine's name to Blaine Harbor, it even sounds more appealing, that cannot be denied!

I also believe we all have the same dream, a more functional, thriving, family friendly downtown.

Remember how everyone was so against the roundabouts? Now they are an asset, look good and allow smooth-flowing traffic.

You're either going forward or backward, I like forward, and the costs will be far less than the rumors going around, this is negative talk.

You'll make up the difference with increase tourism and a more robust and vibrant downtown by a long shot!

Use up your old stock or business cards, etc., then just reorder and add the small change! Or don't bother, you can leave everything as is, you'll still get your mail, they go mainly by 98230.

At least let's get those highway signs changed, this will indeed help inform and direct! No doubt about it!

Some council members are quite negative, so what are they doing to help revitalize downtown? Complain about something that is a good idea and will help. As heard in the media recently, "We've already tried that once and it failed, time to put it to bed." Really, are you kidding? No, disappointingly not!

Like the downtown business climate, do you want to hurt it and put it to bed? Because that is in essence what you're doing. Do you only try one time, then give up? Sounds like a defeatist to me. That kind of thinking isn't what our town needs in any way right now.

We need new thinkers and dooers!

We all love Blaine, but why not try and help an old friend out, rather than push it down! By voting against this, folks are actually voting against helping downtown succeed!

Have you ever finally mustered up the courage to change your mind on something in your life that wasn't working? Then looking back afterward and discovering it was the right thing to do, even going so far as saying to yourself, "why didn't I/we do that sooner?"

I think we all want a more vibrant downtown, those who oppose adding Harbor to Blaine, in my opinion don't understand the ramifications, by voting against adding "Harbor" they are actually hurting Blaine. For the money, it can only help, not hurt!

If 1/10th of 1 percent of the traveling public decide to exit off I-5 or the truck route, because the "Harbor" part of our town name informed them of the waterfront and the amenities and enjoyment that entails, that alone here in Blaine, with one million-plus travelers, is an extra 1,000 tourists a month. If it helps them enjoy their visit, as it is so pretty here, they will return and tell others.

Plus the fact that now that they have seen how attractive our area is, they might continue their travels off the interstates, traveling, for instance, to Birch Bay, Ferndale, Lynden, Bellingham, etc. See how this works? You inform tourists and they will benefit and throw a few bucks around. Totally a win-win for everyone, don't you all think? Whatcom County succeeds by doing this. We are the entrance to the USA, why not capitalize a bit on it?

Maybe even one of them decides they want to open a business, a fish-and-chip caboose, a toy store, maybe even a bowling alley or smalltown cinema! Fun things for folks and youngsters to do. We can do this, that is my dream!

Let's utilize everything we can to make Blaine Harbor the town it deserves to be, beautiful, thriving and small-town charming and family friendly!



Bill Becht owns Horseshoe Coins and Antiques in Blaine.

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