Backs Fleetwood for 42nd District


As a Whatcom County voter and as someone who cares passionately about the environment and also as a teacher in the area, I am jumping for joy! Why you may ask? Because Seth Fleetwood announced his candidacy for State Senate. I recently had a chance to talk to Seth at a small gathering and I believe it is clear that he's the right person to be our next senator. He has over and over produced outstanding accomplishments on both the city and county councils. Legislation he has lead the way on has earned support from local businesses and environmentalists, conservatives and liberals, city and county dwellers alike.

Seth is an independent thinker who is open to hearing all sides of an issue. He builds coalitions and has a "we can do it" attitude. He has the courage and know-how and the willingness to work with folks on both sides of the aisle! This is an extremely important race and I couldn't be more pleased to promote Seth Fleetwood as our next State Senator from the 42nd District.

Annie Welch


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