Hundreds line streets for Bellingham Ski to Sea parade


BELLINGHAM - Several hundred people lined Cornwall Avenue from Alabama Street to downtown to watch the annual Ski to Sea Blossomtime Parade on Saturday, May 24.

Vendors peddled cotton candy, toys, balloons and noise makers to excited spectators who had staked out their float-watching spots well in advance of the parade's noon start time.

Meanwhile, families helped their little ones pick out cookies, hot dogs and other street fare as they waited for the show, themed "Rolling Forward Together, the Wheel of Whatcom."

The event did not disappoint, featuring everything from a caged, growling Lion (of the club-member variety that is), to camels, marching bands, clowns, decorative floats and more.

The song "Happy" by musical artist Pharrell Williams was a popular tune for both live bands and floats, sparking spontaneous dance moves from kids and their folks.

Just before the parade started, a wild raccoon stumbled upon the event and, startled, scrambled up a tree where A Street branches off of Cornwall. Concerned young boys pointed out the scared animal hiding in the tree to police officers, who were first to start the parade. This year's Grand Marshal was Bellingham Police Lt. Rick Sucee.

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