Says Ski to Sea more than a race


I have had the honor of working with the many sponsors of the race, the race Ccommittee, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of racers for the past seven years as executive director of Whatcom Events and managing the Ski to Sea race, Tour de Whatcom and Muds to Suds. Thank you for showing me what the word "community" really means. The Ski to Sea race has been operating now for 42 years straight, and in that time it has brought this community even closer to each other. When Ski to Sea interns canvas the town looking for support, they are welcomed with open arms by the business community. When we ask volunteers to be at a certain place at 5 a.m., they say no problem. When businesses are asked to sponsor the Ski to Sea, their first response is "How can we help?"

Community means helping and depending on each other whenever needed; sharing the good and the bad news with each other; doing business on a handshake and realizing that it means more than a written contract; sharing the excitement and joy that the Ski to Sea brings to all racers and fans. The Ski to Sea is many things to many people, and it will always retain that aura. Thank you for letting me be a steward of this race, as it has been an honor to serve in this capacity. I will do everything I can to ensure the continued success and joy that this event brings to the entire community by working closely with the new Ski to Sea race director. As someone long ago once said, "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't mind who gets the credit."

Mel Monkelis


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Mel Monkelis

2256 Yew Street Road


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