Bellingham police seek help finding missing teen girls

Posted by SAMANTHA WOHLFEIL on May 24, 2014 

Bellingham Police are asking the public for help in locating two teenage girls who ran away on Friday, May 23.

The two Whatcom County girls, Hunter Pike, 16, and Lorien King, 15, were believed to possibly be heading toward California using public transportation, Bellingham Police spokesman Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said.

The teens made comments early Friday that made their friends concerned for their well-being, Vander Yacht said, and "then they were gone."

Around 8 p.m. Friday, shortly after family members reported the girls missing, the department posted their pictures on Twitter.

"We'd like to get them back to their family," Vander Yacht said. "Use of social media is one of the best ways we can do that."

Police were initially concerned about the teens' welfare, but after a series of tips came in from people who had seen their photos on social media, it appeared they were OK, Vander Yacht said.

It was not clear why the two were running away, Vander Yacht said.

"We always take it seriously when kids are out there," Vander Yacht said. "Normally with juveniles we're not going to put names out there, but this was one where we needed to do that to be effective."

Pike and King may be using the aliases Jordan Hawood and Skylar Davenport, Vander Yacht said. He did not know how the department received that information.

A bus driver who later saw the teens' pictures told officers she thought the two took her bus from Whatcom County to Mount Vernon in Skagit County on Friday, but didn't know where they had gone afterward, Vander Yacht said. They may have also taken a bus in Port Townsend, according to an unconfirmed tip.

Police ask that anyone with information on the girls' whereabouts call 911.

From the BPD Twitter account:

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